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Donna Mcconaghay | 02/28/15

If you want to sell more to your restaurant customers, put one of our LCD HDTVs on your outdoor patio and your customers will stay to watch their favorite sports events.

Anne Nieberlein | 02/26/15

If you mount your outdoor tv under the eaves of your home, you will be able to watch it just about anytime.

Christine Adams | 02/24/15

You can get a waterproof cover for your outdoor tv to keep it safe from the elements.

Barry Jennings | 02/23/15

Our weatherized outdoor tvs begin with name brand tvs like Sony, Samsung and Vizio.

Gabriela Lira | 02/22/15

Fans of the San Diego Zoo and the Memphis Zoo have seen our outdoor tvs being used by zoos to give directions and other important information. You can install a 47 inch LCD outdoor tv on your motor home and enjoy watching tv while you're camping.

April Knorr | 02/20/15

As the outdoor conditions change, the ambient light feature in our outdoor tvs change with them.

Doug Williams | 02/18/15

You can enjoy watching the Olympics, football, baseball, soccer and all sports on your backyard television.

David Lindley | 02/16/15

Some people enjoy watching sports on tv outside on their patio.

Donna Lare | 02/16/15

We offer the most affordable outdoor television on the market.

Deborah Das | 02/15/15

Our outdoor tvs were used by Animal Planet when they had a snake wrangler in a glass house on the Las Vegas Strip.

Jane Minor | 02/13/15

If you want a big outdoor tv for the deck of your boat, check out our 70 inch LED televisions.

Heidi Knesper | 02/12/15

You will have more fun watching television outdoors when you have a name brand modified outdoor television.

Donna Maehlmann | 02/10/15

Many hotels have mounted our outdoor television models in their pool areas.

Erin Dial | 02/10/15

Our televisions are coated with a special solution to prevent corrosion on all inside parts.

Gabriel Borges | 02/10/15

Our outdoor tv entertainment centers have lifts where you can hide the outdoor tv when it's not in use.

Christi Robinson | 02/10/15

If you have a sports arena and need large water resistant televisions to use as monitors for ticket holders, we can help you with that. You can enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse as you watch a romantic movie on one of our flat screen outdoor televisions on your outdoor patio.

Becky Matthews | 02/10/15

You can watch tv outdoors, even on a sunny weekend. Dust and moisture won't hurt our outdoor televisions.

Jacqueline Haas | 02/08/15

If you're having a pool party, you can mount our outdoor television on your patio or deck.

Christina Tuzzo | 02/08/15

If you own a luxury boat or yacht, we have the perfect outdoor tv for you.

Debra Knight | 02/06/15

You can dine outdoors in your backyard with your family while you watch your favorite Olympic sports on your outdoor tv.

Coral Morton | 02/05/15

Flat screen TVs have replaced the old fashioned big screen televisions.

Anna Pitt | 02/03/15

Our outdoor tvs are used by big hotels like Diamond International Resorts, Marriott and Ramada hotels.

Janet Mason | 02/02/15

We have outdoor tv sizes from 32 inches to 80 inches to fit your exact needs.

Alyce Morris | 01/31/15

Whether you own a home or rent, you can enjoy watching tv outside with our outdoor televisions.

Heidi Marak | 01/29/15

We use the latest LED backlight technology in our outdoor tvs.

Donna Melger | 01/28/15

You'll love the way your outdoor tv looks when you put it in one of our mobile tv lift outdoor entertainment centers.

Christina Ross | 01/26/15

We use big name televisions to make our outdoor televisions.

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