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Cher Mistina | 03/01/15

We use name brand televisions and modify them to be water resistant so you can watch them outdoors.

Catherine Marchese | 03/01/15

If our outdoor televisions are good enough for the US Army and the USA Space Alliance, they will be wonderful in your backyard.

Caron Ketchum | 03/01/15

You can use our outdoor HDTV models outside in the heat and the cold.

Jack Dirks | 02/27/15

LED back light is cooler burning and makes our outdoor tv contrast excellent for outdoor viewing.

Abagail Modlin | 02/25/15

You can dine outdoors in your backyard with your family while you watch your favorite Olympic sports on your outdoor tv.

Diane Jones | 02/24/15

You'll love the way your outdoor tv looks when you put it in one of our mobile tv lift outdoor entertainment centers. If you're having a pool party, you can mount our outdoor television on your patio or deck.

Angie Levitt | 02/24/15

We have developed the best looking outdoor television on the market today.

Crystal Razawich | 02/24/15

We use big name televisions to make our outdoor televisions. If you want to sell more to your restaurant customers, put one of our LCD HDTVs on your outdoor patio and your customers will stay to watch their favorite sports events.

Holly Markson | 02/23/15

We have outdoor tv sizes from 32 inches to 80 inches to fit your exact needs. You will have more fun watching television outdoors when you have a name brand modified outdoor television.

Annmarie Nolan | 02/22/15

If you want a big outdoor tv for the deck of your boat, check out our 70 inch LED televisions.

Deb Belko | 02/21/15

We enhance our outdoor televisions with brightness and contrast features so you can see the picture, even in sunlight.

Christina Brown | 02/21/15

If you love to watch sports on cable, you'll really love to watch them outside with our water resistant television. If you own a bar and grill, you can install an outdoor tv on your patio and let your customers enjoy their food and drinks while watching their favorite shows.

Becky Ludwig | 02/21/15

We offer outdoor tvs that have a more advanced picture technology.

Greg Hinton | 02/20/15

Insects won't bother your outdoor television. If you've ever tried to watch tv outside with your indoor tv, you know that doesn't work very well.

Diana Kunkel | 02/19/15

Our outdoor televisions are modified to be able to withstand rain and even snow.

David Lavigne | 02/17/15

Our outdoor tvs can be watched from the deck of your boat or from the hot tub in your backyard.

Duke Bierstaker | 02/15/15

Our outdoor tv models are made by reputable manufacturers that you have seen in the marketplace for years.

Chris Mcphail | 02/13/15

We buy Sony HDTVs and modify them so that they can be watched outdoors.

Catherine Stanton | 02/11/15

If you love to cruise, you may have seen our outdoor tvs on the decks of Carnival Cruise ships.

Jacqueline Louwagie | 02/11/15

If you mount your outdoor tv under the eaves of your home, you will be able to watch it just about anytime.

Christine Santora | 02/09/15

If you own a restaurant, you will love keeping your customers longer by putting outdoor TVs on your outdoor patio.

Donna Mulhern | 02/08/15

Whether you’re a fan of the Cubs or the Sox, you can watch their games on your outdoor tv.

Christina Edwards | 02/07/15

Our outdoor tvs are used by big hotels like Diamond International Resorts, Marriott and Ramada hotels.

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