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Caron Ketchum | 07/11/14

We have a wireless video and audio package that will help you get rid of any wires you would otherwise need to run.

Catherine Brickley | 07/11/14

Our weatherized outdoor tvs begin with name brand tvs like Sony, Samsung and Vizio.

David Mcfarland | 07/10/14

If you own a luxury boat or yacht, we have the perfect outdoor tv for you.

Ann Hollis | 07/10/14

How great it will be to send the kids outside to watch their favorite cartoons. Our outdoor tvs are equipped with the latest ambient light technology.

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Diana Landmann | 07/10/14

Whether you own a home or rent, you can enjoy watching tv outside with our outdoor televisions. Whether you’re a fan of the Cubs or the Sox, you can watch their games on your outdoor tv.

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Jacqueline Louwagie | 07/09/14

Flat screen TVs have replaced the old fashioned big screen televisions.

April Knorr | 07/09/14

If you have a houseboat, you'll love how great our outdoor tv picture will be on your deck.

Anne Nieberlein | 07/08/14

As the outdoor conditions change, the ambient light feature in our outdoor tvs change with them.

Gabriel Borges | 07/06/14

You can mount our outdoor tv on the side of your motor home so you can watch it while you camp.

Christine Launer | 07/06/14

We offer outdoor tvs that have a more advanced picture technology.

Catherine Lee | 07/06/14

You can get a waterproof cover for your outdoor tv to keep it safe from the elements.

Abigail Smith | 07/06/14

We have outdoor tv sizes from 32 inches to 80 inches to fit your exact needs.

Ellen Leckar | 07/05/14

If you want to show movies to your kids and their friends, do it outside on one of our outdoor tv models.

Carin Mercllrio | 07/04/14

We have developed the best looking outdoor television on the market today.

James Massie | 07/03/14

If you want to sell more to your restaurant customers, put one of our LCD HDTVs on your outdoor patio and your customers will stay to watch their favorite sports events.

Beth Smith | 07/03/14

You'll find our outdoor tvs at places like SeaWorld, Legoland, Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and even at Disney parks.

Alan Miller | 07/01/14

You can use our outdoor HDTV models outside in the heat and the cold.

Donna Monty | 06/29/14

Watching television outside has never been so much fun and so easy.

Jean Clearwater | 06/28/14

You can view our outdoor televisions outdoors on a sunny day. Our outdoor smart TVs have enhanced brightness so you can watch them day or night.

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Catherine Tafaro | 06/27/14

We buy Sony HDTVs and modify them so that they can be watched outdoors.

Danielle Fitch | 06/26/14

We offer the most affordable outdoor television on the market.

Gail Olsson | 06/26/14

Our outdoor tvs are used by big hotels like Diamond International Resorts, Marriott and Ramada hotels.

Diane Lengyel | 06/26/14

If you mount your outdoor tv under the eaves of your home, you will be able to watch it just about anytime.

Jay Muller | 06/26/14

You can enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse as you watch a romantic movie on one of our flat screen outdoor televisions on your outdoor patio.

Crystal Cisco | 06/25/14

You will find that our outdoor televisions are thinner and lighter than others on the market.

Al Wahl | 06/23/14

LED back light is cooler burning and makes our outdoor tv contrast excellent for outdoor viewing.

Idanell Schuessler | 06/22/14

Our outdoor tv models are made by reputable manufacturers that you have seen in the marketplace for years.

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