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James Lemaire | 10/22/14

You can dine outdoors in your backyard with your family while you watch your favorite Olympic sports on your outdoor tv.

David Leach | 10/20/14

You can turn your patio into an outdoor theater with a name brand modified for outdoors television.

Janet Kenworthy | 10/20/14

You'll love having your television outside, especially when you can hide them in a beautiful entertainment center.

Christine Taylor | 10/19/14

You can get a waterproof cover for your outdoor tv to keep it safe from the elements.

Christie Meehan | 10/17/14

If you have a sports arena and need large water resistant televisions to use as monitors for ticket holders, we can help you with that.

Jacqueline Bertram | 10/15/14

I you like Samsung TVs, you’ll love how we modify them so you can watch them on your deck next to your swimming pool.

Cindy Miller | 10/13/14

Whether you own a home or rent, you can enjoy watching tv outside with our outdoor televisions. You can get an outdoor tv lift entertainment center to house your outdoor television.

Amy Elkind | 10/11/14

We buy Sony HDTVs and modify them so that they can be watched outdoors.

Ivy Hall | 10/09/14

You can enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse as you watch a romantic movie on one of our flat screen outdoor televisions on your outdoor patio.

Carol Lloyd | 10/09/14

If our outdoor televisions are good enough for the US Army and the USA Space Alliance, they will be wonderful in your backyard.

Gail Lindsey | 10/08/14

You can mount our outdoor tv on the side of your motor home so you can watch it while you camp.

Gina Olive | 10/06/14

You can use our outdoor HDTV models outside in the heat and the cold.

Danielle Mccauley | 10/06/14

If you compare our outdoor tv to others on the market, you'll see that we are without a doubt the best.

Crystal Carter | 10/04/14

If your kids love to watch Disney movies, they can watch them on your outdoor patio with one of our outdoor televisions.

David Mcalister | 10/04/14

We use big name televisions to make our outdoor televisions.

Clark Jones | 10/02/14

If you love to watch sports on cable, you'll really love to watch them outside with our water resistant television.

Catherine Ganci | 09/30/14

You can enjoy watching the Olympics, football, baseball, soccer and all sports on your backyard television.

Anne Almeida | 09/30/14

If you own a restaurant, you will love keeping your customers longer by putting outdoor TVs on your outdoor patio.

Angie Levitt | 09/30/14

LED back light is cooler burning and makes our outdoor tv contrast excellent for outdoor viewing.

Christina Kaplan | 09/30/14

Insects won't bother your outdoor television.

Bruce Longee | 09/28/14

You can install a 47 inch LCD outdoor tv on your motor home and enjoy watching tv while you're camping.

Donna Inig | 09/26/14

We have a great outdoor tv cabinet with an electric fireplace built in that your wife will love.

Janet Mccormick | 09/24/14

If you love to cruise, you may have seen our outdoor tvs on the decks of Carnival Cruise ships.

Benjamin Benditz | 09/23/14

You can view our outdoor televisions outdoors on a sunny day.

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