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Derek Kline | 10/17/14

If you love to cruise, you may have seen our outdoor tvs on the decks of Carnival Cruise ships.

Amy Mullinix | 10/15/14

I you like Samsung TVs, you’ll love how we modify them so you can watch them on your deck next to your swimming pool.

Jacqueline Bridges | 10/15/14

LED back light is cooler burning and makes our outdoor tv contrast excellent for outdoor viewing.

Donna Monty | 10/14/14

Insects won't bother your outdoor television.

Cindy Krause | 10/12/14

If you own a restaurant, you will love keeping your customers longer by putting outdoor TVs on your outdoor patio.

Christine Hood | 10/10/14

You can view our outdoor televisions outdoors on a sunny day.

Cindy Mccall | 10/08/14

You can enjoy watching the Olympics, football, baseball, soccer and all sports on your backyard television. You can get an outdoor tv lift entertainment center to house your outdoor television.

Christina Kaplan | 10/06/14

You can get a waterproof cover for your outdoor tv to keep it safe from the elements.

Anna Allen | 10/04/14

We use big name televisions to make our outdoor televisions.

Danielle Mesick | 10/04/14

You can enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse as you watch a romantic movie on one of our flat screen outdoor televisions on your outdoor patio.

J Howell | 10/03/14

You'll love having your television outside, especially when you can hide them in a beautiful entertainment center.

Crystal Gallegos | 10/01/14

If you love to watch sports on cable, you'll really love to watch them outside with our water resistant television.

Christina Goodmanson | 10/01/14

We have a great outdoor tv cabinet with an electric fireplace built in that your wife will love.

Catherine Jarratt | 09/29/14

You can use our outdoor HDTV models outside in the heat and the cold.

Brent Mead | 09/29/14

If you compare our outdoor tv to others on the market, you'll see that we are without a doubt the best.

Anastaisia Cowan | 09/27/14

You can install a 47 inch LCD outdoor tv on your motor home and enjoy watching tv while you're camping.

Ellen Kretchmar | 09/25/14

You can turn your patio into an outdoor theater with a name brand modified for outdoors television.

Ann Selby | 09/25/14

You can mount our outdoor tv on the side of your motor home so you can watch it while you camp.

Dave Kincaid | 09/25/14

If your kids love to watch Disney movies, they can watch them on your outdoor patio with one of our outdoor televisions.

Bunnielee Pollack | 09/25/14

We buy Sony HDTVs and modify them so that they can be watched outdoors.

Carol Mcneal | 09/23/14

If you have a sports arena and need large water resistant televisions to use as monitors for ticket holders, we can help you with that.

Anita Jones | 09/21/14

Whether you own a home or rent, you can enjoy watching tv outside with our outdoor televisions.

Donna Melger | 09/19/14

If our outdoor televisions are good enough for the US Army and the USA Space Alliance, they will be wonderful in your backyard.

Christine Church | 09/18/14

You can dine outdoors in your backyard with your family while you watch your favorite Olympic sports on your outdoor tv.

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