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Amea Givens | 09/01/14

If you love to watch sports on cable, you'll really love to watch them outside with our water resistant television.

Christie Barry | 09/01/14

As the outdoor conditions change, the ambient light feature in our outdoor tvs change with them. Our outdoor tvs can be watched from the deck of your boat or from the hot tub in your backyard.

Garen Meguerian | 09/01/14

You can watch tv outdoors, even on a sunny weekend. We use name brand televisions and modify them to be water resistant so you can watch them outdoors.

D+J Tulba | 08/31/14

If you live in a dusty area, you can watch our outdoor television and not worry about the dust getting into it.

Christine Lederer | 08/30/14

Whether you’re a fan of the Cubs or the Sox, you can watch their games on your outdoor tv.

Donna Lewis | 08/28/14

If you own a bar and grill, you can install an outdoor tv on your patio and let your customers enjoy their food and drinks while watching their favorite shows.

Darrell Kroenlein | 08/27/14

We have a special weatherization and picture enhancement process that allows us to use name brand televisions and turn them into outdoor ready televisions.

Crystal Rubbo | 08/26/14

You can get an outdoor tv lift entertainment center to house your outdoor television. LED back light is cooler burning and makes our outdoor tv contrast excellent for outdoor viewing.

James Lemaire | 08/24/14

Restaurants with patios love our outdoor televisions.

Debra Mckenna | 08/22/14

You can view our outdoor televisions outdoors on a sunny day.

Emily Matz | 08/22/14

If you've ever tried to watch tv outside with your indoor tv, you know that doesn't work very well.

David Isenor | 08/21/14

Our televisions are coated with a special solution to prevent corrosion on all inside parts. We have outdoor tv sizes from 32 inches to 80 inches to fit your exact needs.

Dawn Williams | 08/20/14

You'll be the hit of the neighborhood if you have an outdoor television where the kids can watch their favorite cartoons and movies.

Janet Matisiak | 08/19/14

You will find that our outdoor televisions are thinner and lighter than others on the market.

Christina Anderson | 08/19/14

We have a great outdoor tv cabinet with an electric fireplace built in that your wife will love. If our outdoor televisions are good enough for the US Army and the USA Space Alliance, they will be wonderful in your backyard.

Carol Miller | 08/18/14

If you have a sports arena and need large water resistant televisions to use as monitors for ticket holders, we can help you with that.

Eva Sullivan | 08/18/14

You will have more fun watching television outdoors when you have a name brand modified outdoor television.

Beth Fletcher | 08/18/14

Our outdoor tv entertainment centers have lifts where you can hide the outdoor tv when it's not in use.

Beth Tiller | 08/17/14

If you're handy, you can install our outdoor television on the side of your house.

Clara Loustau | 08/15/14

Insects won't bother your outdoor television.

Helen Leonard | 08/15/14

We have developed the best looking outdoor television on the market today. Some people enjoy watching sports on tv outside on their patio.

Christian Worm | 08/15/14

Our outdoor tv models are made by reputable manufacturers that you have seen in the marketplace for years.

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