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Crystal Paon | 04/02/15

You can get an outdoor tv lift entertainment center to house your outdoor television.

Henderika Alberdi | 04/01/15

Our outdoor smart TVs have enhanced brightness so you can watch them day or night. We have a great outdoor tv cabinet with an electric fireplace built in that your wife will love.

Greg Wilson | 03/31/15

Our outdoor tv cabinet can include surround sound, a wireless remote, a sub woofer, and even a 3D blu ray player.

Gina Higginbotham | 03/30/15

If you like to watch mysteries, you can watch them on your outdoor LED TV while you're in the pool.

Debra Maas | 03/28/15

We use big name televisions to make our outdoor televisions.

Chris Mulligan | 03/27/15

If you live in a dusty area, you can watch our outdoor television and not worry about the dust getting into it. We offer the most affordable outdoor television on the market.

Christine Gadda | 03/25/15

If you own a Mexican restaurant, you can help your customers enjoy their visit more if you have their favorite sports team programs playing on your outdoor patio with an LED HDTV that's been modified to be used outdoors. If you want to sell more to your restaurant customers, put one of our LCD HDTVs on your outdoor patio and your customers will stay to watch their favorite sports events.

Deleslie Pickering | 03/23/15

You'll love the way your outdoor tv looks when you put it in one of our mobile tv lift outdoor entertainment centers.

Clyde Lyles | 03/21/15

LED back light is cooler burning and makes our outdoor tv contrast excellent for outdoor viewing.

Catherine Walsh | 03/21/15

If you want to show movies to your kids and their friends, do it outside on one of our outdoor tv models.

Danielle Gordon | 03/21/15

If you mount your outdoor tv under the eaves of your home, you will be able to watch it just about anytime.

Gayle Knight | 03/21/15

Our outdoor tvs are equipped with the latest ambient light technology. We have outdoor tv sizes from 32 inches to 80 inches to fit your exact needs.

David Lindley | 03/20/15

I you like Samsung TVs, you’ll love how we modify them so you can watch them on your deck next to your swimming pool.

Carol Lachapelle | 03/19/15

If you have a sports arena and need large water resistant televisions to use as monitors for ticket holders, we can help you with that.

David Krieman | 03/19/15

You can enjoy watching the Olympics, football, baseball, soccer and all sports on your backyard television. Insects won't bother your outdoor television.

Catherine Chase | 03/18/15

As the outdoor conditions change, the ambient light feature in our outdoor tvs change with them.

Chatham Nowers | 03/16/15

You can enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse as you watch a romantic movie on one of our flat screen outdoor televisions on your outdoor patio.

Doris Loftus | 03/16/15

Our outdoor tv entertainment centers have lifts where you can hide the outdoor tv when it's not in use.

Carla Kemiel | 03/14/15

If you love to cruise, you may have seen our outdoor tvs on the decks of Carnival Cruise ships. You can view our outdoor televisions outdoors on a sunny day.

Christine Payne | 03/13/15

Dust and moisture won't hurt our outdoor televisions. If you're having a pool party, you can mount our outdoor television on your patio or deck.

Crystal Ballard | 03/13/15

Many of our outdoor TVs come ready with 3D capability.

Christie Eddlemon | 03/13/15

If our outdoor televisions are good enough for the US Army and the USA Space Alliance, they will be wonderful in your backyard. You'll love having your television outside, especially when you can hide them in a beautiful entertainment center.

Cindy Massa | 03/11/15

If you own a restaurant, you will love keeping your customers longer by putting outdoor TVs on your outdoor patio.

Hazel Loosier | 03/10/15

Our weatherized outdoor tvs begin with name brand tvs like Sony, Samsung and Vizio.

Catherine Divis | 03/10/15

We buy Sony HDTVs and modify them so that they can be watched outdoors.

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